Learn Emacs!

Emacs is definitely worth learning if you haven’t looked at it already.  Even if you don’t use it as your primary editor, a bunch of the commands for movement/interaction come from the GNU readlines library, which is also used in bash (and possibly other shells?).

This means you get things like ctrl-a and -e for move to beginning/end of line, ctrl-k and -u to kill from cursor to the beginning/end of line, and ctrl-r to reverse search command history (many might know that last one without realizing it comes from readlines).  

Even cooler, you get the kill-ring in bash, so anything you kill with ctrl-k and other commands can be yanked back (pasted) using ctrl-y, and from there alt-y cycles through all previous kills.  Super handy.

My favorite resources are the tutorial within emacs itself, and the below places as well.



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