Android SDK in Ubuntu

I decided to dive into Android development after finding out that one of my favorite Android games went open-source (thank you so much, Pixel Dungeon developer!).  What’s really cool is that the Android SDK is completely free and self-contained.  After downloading the tarball, you just extract it somewhere and you immediately have all the tools you need ready to go (the Eclipse IDE, the android debug utility, lots more).

The only problem I ran into is constant crashes for some reason while running in Ubuntu 14.04 (pretty sure the problem isn’t Ubuntu version-specific though?).  After looking around, I noticed that the bundled Eclipse version was a couple of minor versions behind (4.2, the latest Eclipse being 4.4).  On a whim, I decided to do things the other way and install the latest Eclipse first, then add the ADT plugin via the plugin manager.

After doing this, my Eclipse environment has been perfectly stable.  I still can’t get the included Android emulator running yet, but pushing to a real Android device works so good enough for now.


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