I think I’ve broken through

I’ve been a long-time Vim user, but I think I’m finally starting to get this Emacs thing.  I originally started checking out Emacs just to see what “the other side” was all about and I really didn’t get it.  The key chords were awkward and the config files were in this strange language I didn’t understand.

For this latest foray, I decided to do it properly and learn Emacs lisp.  After getting over the learning curve, I found that Emacs lisp (and every lisp really) is really rather simple.  Everything is functions!  There’s (almost) no syntax!  You get used to the “parenthesis everywhere” pretty quickly, much like you get used to the tags everywhere when working in a markup language like XML.

I got used to doing several common tasks in Vim using a quick series of keystrokes (eg. reindenting an entire file, deleting from somewhere until the end of the file, etc.), but now that I can write lisp functions to do the same, every task is suddenly a custom keybind away.  This is awesome.  =)


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