Back to Vim

Well the emacs journey was fun and I managed to pick up a few things, but I’ve moved back to Vim.  Modal text editing is far faster than the alternative, and while there are several plugins in emacs that emulate the vim experience (evil probably being the best), none of it comes close.

Also, after getting syntastic up and running, I have no idea how I’ve ever developed stuff without a linter before.  It’s almost essential in a dynamically-typed language like python where you wind up catching most syntax errors during runtime.  What’s cool is that syntastic stores errors found in a location list buffer so you can easily navigate to where the problems are, all while never leaving the keyboard.

Apparently there are python hooks to extend Vim with so you’re not just stuck with native vimscript.  It’s amazing what stuff people have come up with.  The best plugin source I’ve found so far is  After installing the Vundle plugin, you can just add git links into your .vimrc and you’re a :PluginInstall away from installing everything.  Cool!


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