jumping into the perl time machine

Today I had to monkey-patch the HP iLO configuration utility to disable SSL host verification.  Wasn’t terribly difficult thanks to the excellent documentation of the IO::Socket::SSL module on cpan.  Changing stuff in a vendor script is normally not ideal, but there’s no interface provided to override the default host verify behavior in the module so you gotta do what you gotta do.

Also, diving into Perl makes me a bit nostalgic for the days when Perl was my go-to scripting language for pretty much everything.  The various shortcuts the language allows are nice when you’re working on a quick one-off job, and the fact that so much stuff is just available in the native namespace (no import re for regex’es here, just built-in!) is somewhat convenient.  Then again, the oo support is awful, there’s no real exception handling ( || die doesn’t count!), and typing sigils all the time gets a bit annoying.  Hurrah for python?  =D


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